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About San Diego Livescan

Live Scan is used in the United States to digitally record fingerprints and palm prints. Rather than keep ink and paper versions of fingerprints of criminals, the Live Scan system maintains a large computer database that can be searched quickly and efficiently.


Live Scan fingerprinting began in the 1990s. California was one of the earliest states to use this system and implemented it in 1997.


Live Scan’s centralized database allows law enforcement to accurately identity criminal suspects. The system also allows law enforcement to provide background checks within a few days.


Live Scan can speed up the process of acquiring background checks and also ensure accuracy. Requiring Live Scan fingerprinting for potential employees can help maintain a safe work environment.


The Live Scan fingerprinting process can take as little as 10 minutes. By submitting fingerprints through Live Scan, an applicant can have a background check completed within 72 hours in some instances. (Varies upon DOJ and FBI completion of background checks, it can take longer.)

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