If you intend to expand your family, you may be considering foreign adoption. In order to adopt a foreign child, the state of California will require you to submit to a background check and fingerprinting process. All of this can be confusing, and that is why San Diego Livescan in National City strives to help you understand this process. Adoption is a serious issue, and it is understandable that government agencies would want to ensure that you do not have a criminal past. In order to do this, you will need to provide a copy of your fingerprints, and our company can help you do this expediently. We can also help you if you need to be fingerprinted for a teaching application.


There are numerous reasons that federal and local authorities require potential adoptive parents to undergo an intensive background check before they can obtain a child. Here are some of the most important reasons for these precautions.
  • Before you can adopt, governments and agencies need to be sure that you do not have a history of committing violent crimes. This is to ensure the safety of the child and to guarantee that they go to a home that offers a healthy atmosphere.
  • These checks uncover any charges or allegations of child abuse or neglect. Agencies do not want to send their children to abusive homes.
  • The FBI needs to be sure that you do not pose a national security threat.
In addition to the issues above, fingerprints are required because they allow various agencies to access your criminal history with greater ease.


If you need your fingerprints taken, San Diego Livescan in National City can help you. We use the most modern live scan technologies, and we have experience working with all types of individuals from the Poway and La Mesa areas. Contact us today at 619-668-9280 for additional information.

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