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FBI Background Checks


Available at our POWAY & NATIONAL CITY locations only.

There are specific circumstances under which you may need to secure a copy of your criminal history. Until recently, asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for a copy of your personal criminal history took weeks. Today, certain organizations, such as San Diego Livescan in Poway, have become capable of getting results quickly from the FBI, greatly speeding up the process by which people may receive their information. Under Departmental Order 556-73, an individual may request his or her history for a number of purposes. While requests are not honored for reasons of employment or licensing, there are many other reasons to want to obtain a history, including:
  • Work in a foreign country
  • Travel in a foreign country
  • Adoption of a child
  • Certain legal issues
  • Correction of data or application to challenge data
The channeling process allows our company to scan images through an electronic process that meets stringent FBI fingerprinting standards. We offer a same day FBI background check, which translates to much less time waiting for the results of your request for information. Our attention to detail and careful processing help to ensure that your images and information are received and accepted without hassle.


In National City, Poway and La Mesa, San Diego Livescan is the top company for reliable and precise fingerprinting services. We are dedicated to providing the quickest results for your FBI inquiry, and we have the official capacity to do so. If you have a situation that demands a fast turnaround for your criminal history check, such as a time-sensitive legal request or a foreign travel application, we are the professionals to see. We offer a full range of services, including ink fingerprinting and mobile capabilities. Call us today at 619-668-9280.

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